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Best Books Of 2013: All The Talk Is Dead

NEW YORK – Pen and Picture’s book release, All The Talk Is Dead by author Michael Ebner has been selected for Kirkus Reviews Best Books Of 2013. The New York magazine celebrated its 80th year in 2013. An excerpt from the review for All The Talk Is Dead appears below:

Joel and Wade hatch a scheme: They’ll go to New York where they’ll fake Joel’s death and turn that tragedy into a launch pad for their music. Once the deed is done, Joel travels to Montreal, where he takes on an assumed name. Time passes, and Joel hears nothing from Wade. Then, one day, he turns on the radio and hears one of his songs as part of a tribute album put together in his memory. Looks like the scheme worked, and Wade has been living it up in New York while Joel has been on the down low in Montreal. The ensuing complications, however, humorously expose the dark underbelly of fame. Joel’s misadventures in three different cities are hilariously rendered. He and Wade fit into the pantheon of great losers, the author having a Charles Portis-like gift for writing about dim bulbs without condescending to them. The book’s filled with laugh-out-loud lines and dialogue, making for a memorable trip through the demimonde of wannabe rock stars.
- Kirkus Reviews

Michael Ebner’s second novel Movie Game will be released in September 2015 (Pen and Picture).