Pen and Picture’s latest story is the novella Broker Brother Fireworks by author Mick Murray.

“Just going off what my mate told me okay. It was a couple of Chrissies ago I reckon when it all kind of happened…” And so the Broker Brother Fireworks story begins as told by Kyle, Hayden’s best mate. Hayden has always lived in Dunley, a tiny town on the New South Wales and Victoria border. His successful brother Brendan moved away to Sydney in his early twenties and never looked back. Now in their early thirties the sibling rivalry is ramped up a notch one Australia Day weekend when Hayden stumbles across a fortune. From rural Australia and Sydney to Paris and the South Pacific, a deadly chain of events begins…

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Stay tuned for Mick Murray’s upcoming debut novel to be released by Pen and Picture in Spring 2016.