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THE NEW BAD THING by Michael Ebner

Teagan can’t have what she wants most in life. Desperate for a distraction, she needs to focus her energy elsewhere. Suddenly a foreign news story shocks her to the core. From that moment on she takes matters into her own hands and begins a special project. A global game changer. If successful, governments and terrorists, will want her and this new thing terminated. Despite early success for the project, she journeys to Paris to personally deal with a project setback, only to wake up in the middle of a terrorist siege. Or is it an orchestrated attack on her life?  Teagan must make a choice that will threaten her family forever. It’s the new bad thing.

Crime/Thriller | Pen and Picture 2019

The New Bad Thing is the forthcoming novel from Michael Ebner, a Kirkus Reviews ‘Best Books of the Year’ author.

Praise for other works by the author:

“The author having a Charles Portis-like gift for writing”
Kirkus Reviews

“The Brothers Coen would be proud”
- J.O’Grady, Writers’ Guild Award Winner

“Love your work”
- Kristen Schaal, Actress, Comedian, Writer

“Ebner’s writing style reminded me of James Patterson’s, short snappy
sentences that keep you wanting more.”
- San Francisco Book Review

“Visceral, lyrical scenes and his pacing of the novel is skilful.”
- Elise Howard, editor of The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

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